Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Are Liberals Bailing on Obama?


 The reaction to Obama's poor debate performance took me by surprise. Prior to the first debate, I had become convinced that the verdict by the mainstream media and liberal Hollywood was predetermined.  That is, no matter how badly Obama performed, Obama's loyal subjects would step up to proclaim him the victor. But something quite interesting happened.. I think Obama's poor performance opened the eyes of some of those in the land of the liberal.  Could it be they are finally seeing what has been obvious to conservatives all along?  ..That Obama really isn't a gifted orator, that he doesn't know how to defend his liberal policies, and that he doesn't know the answers to most of the questions that face this nation?

I've gathered together some of the more interesting negative reactions to Obama's debate performance from traditionally liberal quarters for your enjoyment.

Chris Matthew's Epic Meltdown

Al Gore blamed the thin air

Jon Stewart - Slamming Obama (and Romney)

Saturday Night Live Poked Fun at 'Distracted Obama'

Bill Maher actually Criticizes Obama - Warning: Very Salty Language

Michael Moore tweeted his disapproval

Wow, so finally, we all agree.  Obama didn't perform well in the debate.  Now if liberals will just open their eyes and see that Obama hasn't done any better in his presidency.

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