Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Cat's Out of the Bag ...

Well, it looks like the Democrats finally slipped up. The war against Christians and Jews waged by liberals has been denied and dismissed by those in Democratic leadership and in our mainstream media for a very long time. But apparently, someone forgot to tell the delegates at the Democratic National Convention this was supposed to be a secret, because today they actually boo'd GOD and JERUSALEM when an amendment to the party platform was introduced to reinstate the words 'God' and 'Jerusalem is the capital of Israel' to the Democratic Party platform.

Guy Benson's report at sums up the chaotic scene...
We wrote about the extreme 2012 Democratic platform this morning, noting that it excludes God and Jerusalem, yet includes taxpayer-funded late term abortion.  Even the media found these decisions slightly unusual, leading to a noisy chorus of criticism that eventually built to a critical mass.  The decision was made to uproot the platform and undo the controversial language and omissions.  The problem?  The platform was formally adopted yesterday.  Democratic officials couldn't just quietly tweak the document behind closed doors; they had to put the modified platform up for another vote.  When they did so, chaos erupted.  In three separate voice votes, delegates were asked whether they supported the inclusion of God and the recognition of Jerusalem in their party's guiding policy document.  Three separate times, loud shouts of "no" grew in volume and intensity.  A flummoxed Chairman Villaraigosa ultimately just declared that the "ayes" had it -- even though multiple reports indicated that the consensus was nowhere hear the requisite 2/3 majority.  As God and Jerusalem were inserted back into the Democratic platform, the hall exploded in boos -- a humiliating disaster for the party.  The stunning video:

Are people of faith and Israel supporters listening?  Even some DNC delegates were astonished and disturbed by that spectacle, which is guaranteed to find its way into GOP attack ads.  Every last Democratic candidate for office -- at every level of government -- should be asked where they stand on these issues, and whether they'll repudiate the large element within their own party whose hostility toward the Almighty and our great Israeli allies was on full display at their national convention.  

This episode raises a very important question: How can a follower of Jesus support a party that is so hostile to His gospel?   Until this moment, I suppose it might have been possible to deny that many in the Democratic party held such offensive, controversial views about Christianity, Judaism and religion, but doesn't the scene in this video remove all doubt that this hostility exists?

I think it's time for those who are still hanging onto the Democratic party to wake up and realize it is no longer the party of Kennedy and Carter .. it has morphed into something far more dangerous. 

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