Monday, March 12, 2012

Pain at the pump...

Have you noticed?  Gas prices are on the rise. Americans are having a hard time paying their weekly bills because the increase in fuel prices also impacts the cost of goods and services across the board. But, this recent spike in gas prices is not unprecedented.  At least once before, during President Obama's term in office, gas prices have peaked at a level at or above what we are currently experiencing. But, this time, the press seems to be pointing a finger at President Obama's failed energy policies. Why the change in focus by the news media?  I think the answer to that question is obvious. Newt Gingrich has been relentlessly attacking Obama's failed energy policies in his $2.50/gal. gasoline campaign. The talking-heads in the mainstream media have dismissed Newt's $2.50/gal. gas idea as just some silly campaign tactic, not a serious policy proposal, but Newt doesn't mind the skepticism, because every time they bring up the issue, he has one more opportunity to point out President Obama's failed energy policies.  It gives Newt another chance to point out that President Obama has done nothing about soaring gas prices and has no plan to do anything in the near future to ease the pain at the pump.

Domestic Gas Prices ($/gal.) in the past 3 years
To further illustrate, take a look at the graph of gas prices and note that prices have shown an upward trend that peaked in 2011 above the levels we are currently experiencing.  The media coverage of the 2011 spike in gas prices did not include an examination of President Obama's energy policies, but focused almost exclusively on trouble brewing in the middle-east and the how oil-speculators may have a hand in driving up the cost of fuel domestically.  This time it is different; this time we are hearing Obama and his Energy Secretary Chu referenced in media coverage surrounding high fuel prices.  The only variable that has changed since the spike in prices in 2011 is Newt Gingrich's candidacy and his campaign against Obama's failed energy policies.

Newt recently made an interesting point about President Obama's remarks involving his energy policies.  In the same speech Mr. Obama seems to have contradicted himself by insisting that Republican's idea of drilling, drilling, drilling isn't the solution to our energy problem, while also referencing that the production of natural gas will produce 600,000 new jobs in the next 10 years.

This heat map of gas prices shows how prices differ around the country.  Even though the cost for fuel is lower in the greener-regions of this map, the cost of living is also lower in those same regions, so there is little doubt that folks in all parts of the country are feeling the negative effects of higher gas prices

Newt made a stop at an Alabama gas station to discuss how rising gas prices are hurting people who commute to work and how high prices are affecting cost of everything that is delivered. He mocks President Obama's idea that algae is a solution to our energy crisis.

Newt's campaign against higher fuel prices and President Obama's failed energy policies highlights a key difference about Newt's campaign.  Newt is the only candidate who has successfully guided the narrative in the mainstream media. Time after time Newt brings up issues that President Obama feels compelled to address. Even Obama's campaign advisers have recently expressed their worries about rising fuel prices.  The other GOP contenders often take up issues raised by Newt, but, only Newt leads on these issues.

Newt speaks at the 2012 Gulf Coast Energy Summit
We have a clear choice in this election.  We can choose to go with status-quo politicians who allow the mainstream media and president Obama to drive the conversation, or we can choose the only candidate who has shown again and again that he is able to steer the national dialogue. I choose Newt Gingrich. 

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