Friday, March 23, 2012

Affordable Care Act?

Today marks the two year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act which was signed into law on March 23, 2010. President Obama decided to start a new hash-tag on Twitter -- #ILikeObamaCare -- to commemorate the occasion. Ironically, the hash-tag was quickly adopted by conservative tweeters who used this most opportune occasion to lambaste Obama's takeover of the healthcare system in America.  I wanted to share some of the most delectable tidbits with my readers, so enjoy!

greybeard ‏ @greybeard411
#ILikeObamaCare cause in order for there to be "a high quality of life for all, there must be fewer people".

Bret Schlyer ‏ @bschlyer
#ILikeObamaCare because Nancy Pelosi told me I would once I knew what was in it.

Samuel Tunis ‏ @killermist 
#ILikeObamaCare because it'll placate #occupy... oh, wait.

#IlikeObamacare because my medical records will be online for all hackers to access!<<there goes my clearance :-)

Erin Haust ‏ @erinhaust 
#ILikeObamacare becuz nothing says "unity" & "patriotism" like giving waivers 2 public employee unions & Congress

jdmeac ‏ @jdmeac 
#ILikeObamaCare because it won't cost me a dime... just an arm & a leg.

Teri Christoph ‏ @TeriChristoph  
#ILikeObamacare because if anyone knows what's good for me, it's Rahm Emanuel's brother.

Matt Tabor ‏ @MattATL 
#ILikeObamaCare because it will have @DaveRamseyLIVE something to do for years to come. Talk about #debt.....

C. Walters ‏ @Hilohaw   
#ILikeObamaCare because of its reduced healthcare costs. The same way I like unicorns, rainbows & other fantasies!

Andy Wright ‏ @andy_wright_esq 
Not sure that whole #ILikeObamacare hash tag worked out quite like the administration was hoping. Some really funny tweets using it.

DW ‏ @62dw 
#ILikeObamacare because the government does such an awesome job with everything they get their hands on.

Debbie ‏ @debbieebb 
#ILikeObamacare because, let's face it, I've lived long enough.


David McMichaels ‏ @UncleWaldoe 
#ILikeObamaCare because nothing says "pursuit of happiness" like government paid abortions and death panels

Gabrielle Picard ‏ @GabrielleePic 
#ilikeobamacare because I always wanted to live in a communist country. #notreally
Mike ‏ @mrjc1 
#ILikeObamaCare b/c there's nothing like being at the mercy of the government in your weakest moments. #tcot

Dan Kurth ‏ @DanKurth1 
#ILikeObamacare because I was starting to get worried about what I would do with all of my excess money
Christopher Meier ‏ @darthlevin 
#ilikeobamacare because it has all the compassion of the IRS with the efficiency of the USPS

Jesse Dalton ‏ @ObamaBash 
#ILikeObamacare because a gubmint bureaucrat can certainly make health care decisions for me better than I can.

John Nolte ‏ @NolteNC 
#ILikeObamaCare because the Constitution is overrated.

Blaine Olmstead ‏ @blaine1957 
#ilikeobamacare cause it is my right to to pay more,, for less!

jdmeac ‏ @jdmeac 
#ILikeObamaCare because one size fits all government healthcare treats everyone the same... poorly!

JD Nelson ‏ @JDNelson_68W
#ilikeobamacare because its price tag will be less than $1trillion...err, wait, um... Oh never mind.

Will Collier ‏ @willcollier 
#ilikeobamacare because I think putting my health care decisions in the hands of 15 political appointees in DC is a really great idea. (NOT)

Allen Covert ‏ @THATAllenCovert 
#ilikeobamacare because I'm refinishing my basement in death panels

Susan Petrey ‏ @conservativesue 
#ILikeObamaCare Because controlling our Happy Meals, Carbon-Footprint, Light-Bulbs and Religious Expression.. just wasn't enough!

Susan Petrey ‏ @conservativesue 
#ILikeObamaCare because I think it's AWESOME how they can pass a 7000-page bill and without even READING it!

Susan Petrey ‏ @conservativesue 
#ILikeObamaCare because all these Pre-Med. majors are changing over to Tax-Law majors. Of COURSE we want fewer doctors and MORE IRS agents!

Susan Petrey ‏ @conservativesue 
#ILikeObamaCare because now my employer gets to stop doing all that pesky paperwork.. because he dropped all our Healthcare coverage!

Susan Petrey ‏ @conservativesue 
#ILikeObamaCare because I get to lose my current health insurance and join the Gov't exchange! Wow, this is just like the USSR..Awesome

Susan Petrey ‏ @conservativesue 
#ILikeObamaCare because I can just go straight to the morgue.. and bypass that 'elective' surgery altogether!


Susan Petrey ‏ @conservativesue 
#ILikeObamaCare because I'd rather make my appointments for the DR months in advance! & wait HOURS in the waiting room! I LOVE waiting!

Susan Petrey ‏ @conservativesue 
#ILikeObamaCare because Washington, DC is SO effective at governing, why not give them one-third of the economy to screw up, too!

Susan Petrey ‏ @conservativesue 
#ILikeObamaCare because nothing is quite so affordable as a trillion dollar NEW ENTITLEMENT program that has doubled in cost! #LiberalLogic

Loren Heal ‏ @lheal 
#ILikeObamaCare because I want the government to know everything about me. Gives me a tingle up my leg.

andy stamper ‏ @andystamper1 
#ilikeobamacare because a 7 month old fetus isn't a child, but a 26 year old is. #liblogic

Not@dadinnertable ‏ @Noblesavage1776 
#ILikeObamacare because your surgeries will get done like the keystone will take years to get approved & only 4 a part of it

Marshall Smith ‏ @MarshallFSmith 
#ILikeObamaCare b/c In the end you get to go to Euthanasia its a beautiful country and its always sunny.

betseyross ‏ @betseyross 
#ilikeObamacare because slack-jaw'ed bureaucrats should be in charge of our health care ... like.. u know .. 4 sure #tcot

Debbie ‏ @debbieebb 
#ILikeObamacare because my thumbs hurt from playing video games and I need pain killers. ASAP

wjnelson11 ‏ @wjnelson11 
#ilikeobamacare because nothing says "helping the poor" than fining them for not buying something they cant afford


Sunny ‏ @sunnyright
#ILikeObamacare because what America needed was a costly new entitlement program the majority of people hate. Instead of jobs.

Pundette ‏ @pundette
#ILikeObamaCare because it feels good to know the government will have access to all my medical records. What could go wrong?

William Hightower ‏ @wh_atl 
#iLikeObamaCare because it will take the IRS 10000 pages to define what is approved insurance. Good luck complying.

#IlikeObamacare The only expense covered 100% is, “embalming.”

P Flynn Anderson ‏ @middlemom 
#IlikeObamacare because deciding who lives/dies puts the FUN back in "dysfunctional presidency" @BarackObama

David Adkins ‏ @daalad 
#ILikeObamacare because after 2 years they throw parties and parades for it because they're so proud, never mind.

Trent ‏ @Travesham 
#ILikeObamacare because I'm allergic to responsibility

readrothbard ‏ @readrothbard 
#ILikeObamacare because the gov't hasn't passed enough unconstitutional legislation!

#ILikeObamacare because $15Trillion in federal debt is not enough.

Whitney Pitcher ‏ @whitneypitcher 
#ilikeobamacare as much as Pres.Obama likes drilling on federal land.

Sean Hackbarth ‏ @seanhackbarth 
#ILikeObamacare because I didn't really want to keep my health care plan that I like. 

#ILikeObamacare because compelling my neighbor to financially assume responsibility for me is the American dream.

David Burge ‏ @iowahawkblog 
#IlikeObamacare because the best things in life are free. Give or take $2 trillion.

Ari Fleischer ‏ @AriFleischer 
#IlikeObamacare because the Federal government is really, really good at going deeper and deeper into debt.

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