Saturday, June 27, 2015

My Vote Didn't Count

1) There were only FIVE votes that "created" gay marriage in America. Mine was not one of them.

2) The swing vote on the Supreme Court for gay marriage in America was a Bush appointee (Justice Kennedy) ... who also wrote the majority opinion, so perhaps voting for the Bushes was a mistake. I did that three times. 

3) Our constitution provides remedies for an out of control executive branch and/or out of control Supreme Court ... if our votes (as conservatives) mattered, then the majorities in both chambers of the legislature would do more than lip service to this meltdown. No articles of impeachment have been drafted or even considered by the GOP leadership in the House or the GOP leadership in the Senate. 

4) ...and finally, my vote seriously did not matter in the last election .. nor has it mattered in any election since my birth... the nominee for the GOP was decided by a huge landslide in Texas in 2008 and 2012 ... margins of victory for eventual nominees are interestingly very large in my former home state of Texas. The margins of victory in states where I have lived (and precincts I have voted in) have always been substantial.

When I was working with a few political insiders (i.e. party hacks) in Austin (and elsewhere nationwide) in 2012, I got a glimpse into the underbelly of the beast. The system is so locked down by party leaders, the probability of any outsider getting into their system or winning the nomination for president is amazingly slim (state by state). Reagan was the last .. and most of the current remedies were put in place by party leadership (of both parties) because of his success in beating the system.  

I campaigned for Newt Gingrich in 2012 because I was hopeful he would work around the party  system with his populist appeal, but, sadly, he was consumed by the system (or was already playing their game) and now earns a living lobbying in D.C.  Most politicians succumb to the pressure to join the party schemes (and become very, very wealthy), but there are a few out there I still believe are true outsiders.  Those few are the ones I work to promote.

The only reason I support Ted Cruz (and only +Ted Cruz ) for President of the United States is that I believe he has the skill set that could repeat the Reagan Revolution and defy the party mechanism that is designed to keep him out. This is a longshot (in every since of that word), but just MAYBE these two last court decisions will make Americans disgusted enough to turn off the TV programming (i.e. brainwashing) to begin to dismantle this behemoth we call party politics and return the vote to the people once again.

I am not naive.  I don't believe one man will take this system down, but I do believe that millions of Americans can. We will all need to be very involved and vocal if we are ready to see things change in our government.  I am willing to try.

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