Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mainstream Media? TURN IT OFF

This week a troubling story is being covered in the blogosphere and is being wholly ignored by most of the mainstream media outlets.  There is a massive campaign underway this weekend by those of us in social media to get the word out about the trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell.  The mainstream media has been silent on this trial and the grizzly deeds of this man.  

This graphic is being used by those who are standing up for the unborn (and the babies who were murdered after their birth). Many are replacing their user-profile pictures with this graphic on various social media sites.  Feel free to use it yourself to take a stand.  

The next graphic shows the empty seats in the courtroom that were reserved for those in the media who would cover the trial.  

These empty seats are a chilling reminder that our media is no longer providing us with the truth. Where is freedom of the press? Are these journalists in bondage to huge corporations that refuse to allow them to speak openly or report objectively? We no longer hear the news as it happens via the mainstream media, we are being fed a lot of propaganda in the name of news by the MSM.  Some of the biggest scandels to occur over the past several years have not been reported.  This Gosnell story illustrates how our MSM is now much more interested in advancing an agenda than telling the truth. 

At first the lack of coverage of this story angered me, but now I am actually afraid. We are now in an age where the mainstream media is first (and foremost) a propaganda tool for those who would silence those of us who disagree. Then, they spend the rest of their time covering up the misdeeds of those with whom they agree. 
Is there no decency? Does anyone even care anymore that the Fast and Furious Scandal was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people? What about the citizens killed in the Benghazi scandal?  Now we have a doctor severing the spinal cords of babies and killing mothers who are aborting their children, and still SILENCE from the MSM? If this government decides to take action against those of us who disagree, will this MSM aide them by refusing to report it?

There is one course of action, and only one. We can no longer allow this MSM to continue on with this behavior. The only language they understand is money. They feed on the revenue generated by their advertising. When you tune in to listen to them, follow their news stories online and on your mobile devices, or when you purchase their magazines and newspapers, you are enabling them to brainwash millions of Americans.  TURN IT OFF!  Join our army of citizen journalists and help us resurrect honest journalism in this country. YOU report what you see and hear with your own eyes and share that with the blogosphere so that we can get the information out to others. This may be a sloppy way of getting news out to the masses, but at this point, we can't just wait for the MSM to clean up their act. I fear they never will.

So are you ready to take a stand?  TURN IT OFF!

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