Friday, April 6, 2012

The Emperor is naked...

When Obama came out earlier this week to caution our Supreme Court about potentially striking down Obama-care, he made several misstatements that got the attention of the mainstream media.  I must admit, I have been stunned at the questionable statements coming from this president repeatedly since his inauguration in January of '09, but this time, I wasn't particularly shocked. I have come to the conclusion that the  characterization of Obama as a brilliant Harvard law professor and Constitutional scholar is a fabrication. Obama is an invented president.  

When Barack Obama burst onto the scene as one of the speakers at the July 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston Massachusetts, it was clear he was a rising star in the Democratic Party. He was relatively unknown until this speech, but he and his groomers were already beginning the process of crafting Obama into a presidential contender.  He spent the next several years getting noticed by the likes of Oprah Winfrey and other high profile media types who started the work of spreading the word: there is a new fresh face in the Democratic party - Obama will bring back Democratic party rule in DC.

But then, something different happened, something I had not seen happen in previous elections: This outsider, who was relatively unknown, seemed to be untouchable during his rise to power.  There were few stories in the media about his past. What were his grades in school?  Where are his writings, speeches prior to entering public life? What about his work with SEIU?  What was his relationship to those working in the infamous Chicago political machine? The press seemed so enthralled with Obama charisma and speaking abilities, they never even asked the most basic questions.  Thomas Sowell penned an article about Obama's Supreme Court comments, where he stated, "the media that exposed Nixon is covering for Obama"  It seems the mainstream media is so mesmerized by this president, they don't see that he is really just a naked Emperor and has no idea what he is doing.

Thomas Sowell also suggested in his article that President Obama was lying when he stated "I'm confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress," because any respectable constitutional law professor must know that ruling on the constitutionality of legislation is precisely the role of the judiciary in our government, and Sowell may be right, but I am not convinced. Could it be that Barack Obama really doesn't know any better? Could he actually believe that the executive branch and that of the congress are not co-equal with the judicial branch? It would be stunning for any president to be so ignorant of our system of checks-and-balances, but there have been so many instances where Obama has shown utter disregard for the Constitution and our system of government, the question has to be asked .. Does Obama really understand how this system of government operates?.. or is he merely pretending?

Additionally, Obama has done many other things during his presidency that have shown he has little respect for his office or the people of this country: Why would a president weigh in on controversial stories such as the arrest of Henry Louis Gates and the Trayon Martin  shooting before hearing about any of the details of those cases? Why would a president appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and make thoughtless remarks about the Special Olympics?  Why would a president chastise Rush Limbaugh for statements made on his radio show about Sandra Fluke while simultaneously ignoring equally offensive comments coming from others in his own party?  Barack Obama has turned the office of the presidency into one big reality TV show. 

Barack Obama has been perpetually campaigning for office since he first broke onto the scene.  He had not really governed in any meaningful way prior to his ascendancy to the presidency, and his fumbling in office on decisions foreign and domestic shows that he has not effectively governed since arriving in Washington, DC. His constant attacks on the Republicans in congress make any sort of legislative compromise virtually impossible. Our government has been operating without a budget since Obama took office because the Senate democrats refuse to bring House budget bills to the floor for a vote. Obama's laughable budgets have been rejected by 100% of members of both parties in both houses. The number one crisis in our country is soaring government debt, yet Obama continues to spend money unchecked, with no budget, and attacks anyone who suggests we must reduce the size of government. Obama is in over his head. Obama is dangerous.

The mainstream media is unlikely to point out the obvious about this president. They will continue to heap praise on Obama as a likable guy who is doing the best he can to lead this country. And, Obama will continue to come out and make ridiculous contradictory statements that are wholly untrue. This is  evidenced by the recent reaction to Obama's Supreme Court statements .. the press is covering for Obama, saying he 'didn't really mean that.'

Unless the mainstream media snaps out of their coma and starts doing their job, expect more of the Barack Obama reality TV series to continue.. at least through November. Newsflash to the mainstream media: The Emperor is naked, and we are not laughing.


  1. Excellent article. Put it this way, if his grades were good they wouldn't be sealed the campaign would flaunt them especially in 2008 when the narrative the left made was Bush is a "moron".

  2. Good point.. and I can't imagine a GOP nominee getting away with holding back their academic records. The fact the media is still covering for him after watching his constant missteps just shows how deep in the tank they are for the DNC. It's really quite scary to know there is no objective news-source out there.